Green Living

Information to help make small changes to have a big positive impact on the planet

Even though we face some huge environmental problems, if we all make small lifestyle changes they can have big impact for our planet. Green Living is a monthly series of articles suggesting practical, easy steps we can all do to make sure our beautiful Earth is preserved for our children.

This page will link to the information articles published each month and provide links to websites and other sources to help look and think about changes for a lifestyle sustainable and light on the earth.

Green Living Articles

These are links to the online version of the monthly Green Living Series published through the Cannock Chronicle

New Year Resolutions 

Ideas for using less plastic packaging 

Household Goods 

Ideas for changes to use less harsh chemical 

Less Litter, cleaner environments

Thoughts about litter production and prevention

Food Glorious Food

Eating better is eating well

Real Nappies

Long gone are the "Terry Towel" Nappies, now for Real Nappies

Green Living Websites

Purchasing your goods and services are best supported through local, independent businesses but not all goods and services are available through these outlets and the following websites give some ideas of where to look for those items not available through your local high street.

Links are provided for information and do not imply endorsement.

These websites are for online stores to buy ethical and similar goods

Ethical Superstore

Online store with a wide range of goods

Big Green Smile

 Online store with a wide range of goods

Spirit of Nature

 Online store with a wide range of goods

Natural Collection

 Online store with a wide range of goods

Clean Kilo Birmingham

A new supermarket using zero packaging opening Spring 2018

Eco & Vegan Shoes

A specialist footware website

Buy Wholefoods Online

A specialist online food retailer for organic, specialty and bulk foods

These websites give ideas for businesses to reduce their environmental impact



Both of these provide Eco alternatives for packaging for takeaways and fast food

These websites are for information on Green or Ethical Products, Services and Issues

Green Party of England and Wales

National Party Website

Friends of the Earth

 National Activist Website


National Activist Website

10:10 Climate Action

Ideas for action on climate change

Plastic Free Pledge

Ideas and information for reducing plastic

Triodos Bank

A wholly ethical national bank

Amnesty International

National Activist Website

Green House

A Green Think Tank

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