MEP to visit Hednesford Festival

03 August 2019

Green Party MEP Ellie Chowns will be visiting the Hednesford Festival next weekend as part of busy summer schedule of engagement across the West Midlands.

Working Together to Improve the District

29 May 2019

Following the successful elections for the Cannock Chase Green Party we have agreed a confidence and supply agreement with the largest group on the council

Town Council Chairman

23 May 2019

Elected with the group of Hednesford Residents and Volunteers Cllr Paul Woodhead was elected as the Chairman of Hednesford Town Council

Residents and Volunteers Putting Their Community First

09 May 2019

A tectonic change has been delivered by the people of Hednesford where the whole Council was replaced and nine of these ten seats have gone to the group working to take the politics out of the Town Council

Green Wave Washes over Cannock Chase

04 May 2019

An historic day for Cannock Chase as the Green Party makes further strides, the District Council moves to "No Overall Control" and, working with Hednesford Residents and Volunteers who take nine out the ten seats on Hednesford Town Council as the community votes for change.

Candidates for Local Elections

01 April 2019

List of local election candidates released for 2019

Residents & Green Party Volunteers Re-Paint Local park

03 March 2019

Last weekend local residents join Cannock Chase Green Party volunteers to re-paint a local children’s play area in Rawnsley to bring it back to life for everyone to enjoy.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 18 – Outcome of the Budget Debate

02 March 2019

Last week we had the budget debate in the District Council where the cabinet presented their plans to maintain the status quo including raising council tax by 2% less than the 3% they are allowed to without a local referendum.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 17 – Call for Volunteers

16 February 2019

As we move in to the New Year plans are being built for a wide range of community led activities and events in Hednesford. We are always looking for people with a little time and bags of ideas to help these plans become reality. The more volunteers who get involved the less work there is for individuals and the greater the benefit to the town which means more events, activities and initiatives we all enjoy.

Green Party Alternative Budget for the People and the Planet

13 February 2019

Today Cannock Chase Green Party submitted a request for the cabinet to consider amending their budget proposals at the council meeting next week (20th Feb) reflect the priorities from issues raised by the community and reflect the climate emergency.

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