Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 12 - What are your priorities for the Council?

08 December 2018

As we head through the festive period and towards the New Year councils turn their minds towards budgets, council tax rises and services delivered or cut. As an opposition councillor and group we can develop alternative proposals to suggest different priorities. Whilst presented as an alternative budget in reality for Cannock Chase this is a request for the cabinet to re-look at their budget to consider the alternative proposals suggested by the opposition. It is usually a very political choice which strongly follows party whip.

Local Greens part of Global Movement

26 November 2018

Last week Cannock Chase Green Party hosted a reception for the co-Chair of the United States Green Party linking local action to international cooperation towards a sustainable society.

Greens call for higher energy efficiency standards in new buildings

25 November 2018

Cannock Chase Green Party Councillors are calling for higher energy efficiency standards to be specified in Local Planning Policies following a relaxation in rules imposed by National Government on building standards.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 11 The End of School Crossing Patrols?

24 November 2018

The County Council has said it will be cutting services by a further £35 million from April and rather than taking this back to government who are cutting off funds for Local Authorities the County Council are proposing to do two things. Firstly, they will raise Council tax once again by more than inflation and secondly will cut and remove services they have provided for the community for many years.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 10 - Armistice

10 November 2018

This week we commemorate the 100 years of the ending of the Great War and our community has shown great pride as we prepare for the Armistice period with displays and plays alongside the annual service.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 9 - Conservation Area Consultation

03 November 2018

Cannock Chase Council is consulting on updated Draft Conservation Area documents which have been prepared for the following areas: Church Street, Rugeley Conservation Area; Talbot Street/Lichfield Street, Rugeley Conservation Area; and Trent and Mersey Canal (Cannock Chase District) Conservation Area.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 8 - A Board U Turn

23 October 2018

Over the last eighteen months Cannock Chase District Council has consulted upon and implemented a policy to charge traders in the town centres of Hednesford, Cannock and Rugeley to display advertising boards and having pavement cafes. This has caused wide concerns by traders and shoppers alike with campaigns to reverse the policy.

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 7 - Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan Gets the Go Ahead Despite Low Turnout

17 October 2018

Last Thursday residents of Hednesford were asked to approve or decline the Neighbourhood Plan for the town. With a very low turnout of just 1,477 residents against 13,490 eligible votes the plan was approved by just 6.71% of the population of our community.

Green Living – Individual Actions in Response to IPCC Report

14 October 2018

This week a report was released by the United Nations body known as IPCC which underlines the urgency of the climate emergency. It states we have 12 years to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown and requires “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 6 - Deputation on Litter

13 October 2018

Last week a community group whose members spend many hours keeping our town free of litter presented a deputation to Cannock Chase Council. This is unusual as it is not a method of engagement promoted publically by the Council but is a very useful way for members of the public to get the councillors to talk about the issues the community care about. Indeed, I was told afterwards that this was the first one ever received by the Council.

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