10 September 2018

Green Living – Switch from Plastic

Even though we face some huge environmental problems, if we all make small lifestyle changes they can have big impact for our planet. Green Living is a monthly series of articles suggesting practical, easy steps we can all do to make sure our beautiful Earth is preserved for our children by Paul Woodhead, Green Party Councillor for Hednesford South on Cannock Chase District Council.


There are many alternatives to help us reduce the consumption of plastics in particular and packaging in general. We have spoken previously about reusable coffee cups and water bottles as well as switching to safety razors and our shopping bags replacing the plastic bags, ditching the straw and not buying anything in black plastic. Here are some more easy to access examples which might help you switch from plastic.

Toilet paper – yep, even this is often wrapped in plastic, but there is toilet paper packaged in paper available out there

Shampoo – there are plenty of great bar shampoos on the market now, and research has actually suggested they don’t strip your hair in the same way that chemical-based, liquid shampoos often do

Toothbrushes – plastic toothbrushes might not feel like single-use plastic, but their disposable nature still helps contribute to landfill and many are littered. Bamboo toothbrushes make a much more sustainable alternative 

Kitchen brushes and cloths – choose alternatives made from natural fibres, such as cotton cloths, coconut scrubs and wooden brushes  

There have also been a number of residents who have taken it upon themselves to highlight the excessive plastics used as packaging in supermarkets with a “plastic attack”. This is where you complete your shopping but leave the excess plastic packaging behind at the till for the company to dispose of rather than taking them home. May be something we can do in Cannock Chase

If you have your own tips for sustainable living please get in touch and we will share them in a future article.