13 October 2018

Councillor’s Corner 18/19 No 6 - Deputation on Litter

Pitmen supporter and HTFCSA committee member Paul Woodhead is a Cannock Chase District Councillor for Hednesford. You will see him around the ground most match days, usually as Pitman Pete and in the Strikers Bar after the game where you can talk to him about any matters or issues of concern.

In these articles I want to bring the role of the councillor alive to you and ensure I am accountable to you as the elected representative for the ward in which the football club resides. I will highlight some of the things I get involved with and the decisions the council makes on your behalf. I will be available after most home games for a general conversation and we can arrange a private discussion should that be appropriate. Alternatively you can contact me by phone on 07930 120077 or by email paul.woodhead@greenparty.org.uk

Last week a community group whose members spend many hours keeping our town free of litter presented a deputation to Cannock Chase Council. This is unusual as it is not a method of engagement promoted publically by the Council but is a very useful way for members of the public to get the councillors to talk about the issues the community care about. Indeed, I was told afterwards that this was the first one ever received by the Council.

Chair of the Heart of Hednesford Group David Wisehall introduced the deputation as follows; Heart of Hednesford is seeking the support of Cannock Chase Council to help tackle the litter problem across Hednesford. This is an on-going situation that affects the whole of Hednesford but we believe that we can make a huge difference over time to overcome the blight on our town.


They are seeking support from the council to undertake litter awareness campaign work, increase pressure on businesses which produce litter directly or through their customers and implement the enforcement and fining powers they possess.


As this was the first one ever received the process of how it was handled was somewhat confusing but in the end whilst the deputation was received and the Cabinet member gave a 10-minute speech about what the council are doing (which he should not have been permitted to do) we were unable to respond and challenge the situation to get some positive actions to address litter as all the other councillors (other than the Green Party Councillors) voted to shut down any discussion. The outcome was very disappointing for the residents who turned up.