25 November 2018

Greens call for higher energy efficiency standards in new buildings


Cannock Chase Green Party Councillors are calling for higher energy efficiency standards to be specified in Local Planning Policies following a relaxation in rules imposed by National Government on building standards.


Green Party Councillor Paul Woodhead said,


“The Government has said that Councils are now allowed to specify better energy efficiency standards in new homes and other buildings seeking planning permission. We should take swift action to specify the very best insulation, heating and ventilation measures for new buildings in our area. Not only will this mean that householders and owners of buildings will save energy and money but we will also vitally cut the carbon emissions that are an ever growing threat to our environment and therefore ourselves. The recent report by United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that we have only 12 years to reduce emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change. So policies like this are vital.”


Councillor Woodhead went on to detail the action they would take at the next Full Council meeting,


“I have put a motion to the Council calling on the administration to take several positive steps towards recognising the climate crisis including producing Supplementary Planning Guidance to our Local Plan at the earliest opportunity specifying the very highest standards possible”


The great thing about this proposal is that it will mean less money going to energy companies and more money in the pockets of local people thereby helping to boost our local economy and moving people out of fuel poverty. I can see no reason why any forward thinking Councillor of any party would oppose this common sense proposal. This is not just about penguins and polar bears it is about the pounds and pence in peoples’ pockets.”






Government confirms Councils can set energy standards beyond part L




We have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe says UN




Cannock Chase District Council Full Council Papers




Motion Text


This Council notes

  • The Government announcement in July 2018 that Council could set their own energy efficiency standards for new buildings beyond those set in Part L of the Building Regulations.
  • The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlighting that we only have around 12 years to take serious action to reduce emissions to avoid massive damage to the global environment.

This Council believes

  • At every level of government urgent steps need to be taken to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, whether produced directly or indirectly.
  • That we must take urgent action to improve the energy efficiency standards in new buildings to reduce carbon emissions, save energy and keep money that would go to energy companies circulating in our local economy.
  • That improving energy efficiency in new buildings is just one part of a strategy to reduce emissions in our area but is an important step to take that should be part of a wider strategy.

This Council resolves

  • ·       Establish a Task and Finish group, to run for a full year, with a remit to seek advice from experts; to consider systematically each area of the council’s activities; to make recommendations and propose challenging targets including a carbon budget to presented each year alongside the financial budget
  • ·       Require all report risk assessments to include Carbon Emission Appraisals, including presenting alternative approaches which reduce emissions wherever possible.
  • ·       Task a director level officer with responsibility for reducing, as rapidly as possible, the carbon emissions resulting from the Councils activities.
  • ·       To produce Supplementary Planning Guidance at the earliest opportunity calling for higher energy efficiency standards compliant with the internationally recognised Passivhaus Zero Carbon Standard.



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