26 November 2018

Local Greens part of Global Movement


Last week Cannock Chase Green Party hosted a reception for the co-Chair of the United States Green Party linking local action to international cooperation towards a sustainable society.


Margaret Flowers the co-Chair of the Green Party in the United States visited Cannock last week as part of her tour to meet Green Party community activists across the UK. During the visit discussions ranged across but local and Global issues from the approach in Cannock Chase towards community engagement to international concerns about President Trump and his dangerous approach to the Climate Crisis.


The Green Party is unique in the political landscape being rooted in local activism it is part of an international community of Global Greens with a collective voice across the planet all speaking up for environmental and social justice.


Green Party Councillor Stuart Crabtree said,


“When we are hard at work in our own communities it is a source of inspiration knowing the global links the party has. We are a collection of a few voices in Cannock Council but echoes across the UK as Greens speak up for the planet and social justice and beyond and it was great to listen and talk to Margaret about her experiences in the US”


Ms Flowers commented


"Like the government in the United States, the government in the United Kingdom is not doing enough to protect the planet and guarantee people's basic necessities. The Green Party platform is based on principles that are needed to address the climate crisis, austerity and absent democracy. That is why it is an important time for Greens around the world to build relationships, share what we are doing and support each other."


"In our conversation with Cannock Greens, we found many shared struggles such as fighting fossil fuel projects that pollute the environment and worsen climate change and the need to improve our healthcare systems so that everyone receives the care they need. We also discovered similar challenges to growing our parties and winning elections. And, we found camaraderie, which is so needed in this time of many crises, to keep ourselves going in the face of these challenges."