14 September 2019

Councillor’s Corner 19/20 No 04 – Facebook Live Broadcasting

Pitmen supporter and HTFCSA committee member Paul Woodhead is a Cannock Chase District Councillor for Hednesford and now Chairman of Hednesford Town Council. You will see him around the ground most match days, usually as Pitman Pete and in the Strikers Bar after the game where you can talk to him about any matters or issues of concern.

In these articles I want to bring the role of the councillor alive to you and ensure I am accountable to you as the elected representative for the ward in which the football club resides. This season I will focus on the work of the Town Council in particular. I will be available after most home games for a general conversation and we can arrange a private discussion should that be appropriate. Alternatively you can contact me by phone on 07930 120077 or by email paul.woodhead@greenparty.org.uk

Hednesford Town Council are appealing for people to witness democracy in action thanks to a live stream of meetings on Facebook. Each meeting is now being filmed and shared on the popular social media site. It’s hoped that those watching can also have useful comments shared in the public part of the meetings.

There have been 300 views of the last council meeting, held on Tuesday, September 10th, on Facebook – which councillors consider a positive response through word of mouth. This can be seen on the Council’s Facebook Page.

Our aim is to encourage more people to engage with local politics and to see that they can have a voice in important decisions about the town.

The benefit of Facebook is that our meetings can be streamed live and people can see exactly what’s happening this gives you immediate access without them having to physically be there.

We want to encourage a greater number of people to get involved – you can follow what’s happening on a laptop, tablet, smart phone or desktop computer.

Everyone is always welcome to attend our meetings to ask questions and raise issues in the public part of the meeting. We hope you can see and grasp how the town council works and get them more involved. We hope this is a useful step in helping people find the confidence to speak up about what’s important to them.

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